Sacred Art 4 senses, first course of sculpture for non sighted artists

Florence, 13-25 July 2015

The idea was born from the meeting with Andrea Bianco, who is a non sighted sculptor from Bolzano who is a great lover of life. His vitality, aiming to overcome his disability without denying it, led him in recent years to develop the art of sculpture, accepting his limits and using them as stimulus to create new chance.

A sculpture course for the blind might sound like an oxymoron: actually the view tactile that the non sighted artists develop, can open new perspectives also to the sighted sculptors. Rightly non sighted artists state that in the sculptures they can see more than the sighted ones because they can learn the angles even the most hidden to the eyes.
The Sacred Art School has accepted the invitation to set up a course for blind sculptors stating which is not an aim of pietism: the school has the purpose to teach, the students to learn, without discounts and inappropriate commiserations. We are going to give students an artist training in order to help them to express their feelings and their deepest aspirations.

This is a challenge and an opportunity for the Sacred Art School of Florence. To set a course of sculpture for the blind is a very important laboratory bench. It will help us to discover a new way to learn and to teach, to sculpt and to see. In fact, already in this first phase of study and planning of the course logic and dynamics are inverted. The Sacred Art School, his teachers and students have to face a new panorama and experience.

This first edition is aimed at people who already have a knowledge base of the sculpture and a certain manual skills. We are trying to make up a class of 10 non sighted sculptors as homogeneous as possible.
The Course Director is M.° Anthony Visco, former professor of sculpture at the New York

Academy of Art and at the University of Pennsylvania, and this year, 2014, professor at the Sacred Art School in Florence. With him some students as tutors.

We want to create an international experience: the course is open to people coming from Europe and from all over the other continents.
The sculptors will participate in the course, paying a symbolic registration fee of € 250,00:

they will be charged for room and board, for the course and museum visits.This will be possible thanks to the intervention of some sponsors and the involvement of institutional partners such as the City of Florence, the Italian Blind Union, the Ministry of Education and the MIBAC (Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage).


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