Happy Christmas 2014


This year we wish you a very Happy Christmas from the “cortile della Dogana, in Palazzo Vecchio” where you can see a Nativity Scene made by the Students of the School.

This is what they wrote commenting the image:

Representing God’s incarnation mystery has today an inevitable risk: voiding it from the reality and drama in which it really happened. Usually we are inclined to build a beautiful and romantic scene that can express, almost magically, the moment in which God has … himself to become one of us to save us. Tiredness, un-comfort, loneliness, fear and egoism that Mary and Joseph for sure suffered and that were present in that animal cave, humid and bad smelling, are many times hided in the idealized figure we choose.

Our daily life, full of light and shadow, must find a real space in our nativity scenes to be transfigured by the Child Jesus’ tenderness and simplicity.

The metal net used to make this sculpture allow us to remember two characteristics that God is choosing in the relation with us: docility and transparency. In Mary, God lets shape himself in a human body. In Jesus, God lets himself to be seen, he is manifesting to us, making transparent his divinity in his humanity.

The effects the light produces in the bodies and silouettes of these figures are remembering us our daily life full of light and shadow, that are shaping our original identity in an always new process of growth and maturity and humanity.

We ask that in this Christmas, the surprising and … form that God uses with us is helping us to leave our obscurity and stiffness to lead in this growth to manifest in today world the beauty of being sons of God.

The Students of the Sacred Art School – Firenze

Christmas of Our Lord 2014



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