Fundraising dinner in support of the first “Course of Sculpture for the Non Sighted Artists”


Friday, January 16, 2015

Villa Corsini Mezzomonte

h. 19.30

A sculpture course for the non sighted artists might sound like an oxymoron: the reality is that the vision “touch”, that the non sighted people develop, opens new perspectives to the sculptors that are not blind. Non sighted people say, rightly, that in the sculptures they see more of the people that are not blind, because they can learn even the most hidden to the eye. The Sacred Art School Firenze has accepted the invitation to set up a course for non sighted sculptors. The artistic training that we propose is aimed at helping artists to express their feelings with sculpture and deepest aspirations.

For more info: Sacred Art 4 Senses

Non sighted people have opened our eyes

For the Sacred Art School Firenze is a challenge and an opportunity: to set a course of sculpture for the non sighted is a laboratory bench of the first magnitude, helps us to discover a new way to learn and to teach, to sculpt and see ..

Hospitality turnkey

A Master Sculptor dedicated all the time of course, the architectural barriers to delete the references; acoustic to be included, safety of work materials, adjusting the structure, operation of the lift, room and board suitable for the needs, accompanying the rise residence at the School, tutors to work bench, guided visits to two museums: we want to offer this to our guests, seasoned with the typical environment of joy of our school.

To attend the dinner

Suggested minimum contribution per person € 100.00

To book the dinner is simple: just make a bank transfer to the School of Sacred Art

IBAN: EN29 J033 5901 6001 0000 0066 446

causal: contribution for the sculpture course for the non sighted artists and then send confirmation of the transfer. Or switch from school and leave their share. Or to call Maria Vittoria Amasino (348 3238400) and to agree.

Itinerary: enter the address on the browser via Imprunetana for Pozzolatico 116
From Florence (Poggio Imperiale) take the road to Impruneta, continue until you pass the village of Saint Gersole and arrived in Mezzomonte turn left: the Villa is well signposted.


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