Course in Sacred Art and Craft

Course objectives:

– Provide ways into the field of artistic craft, with a specialization in the development and production of sacred art.

– Form professionals with the ability to conceive, design and realize work of artistic craft utilizing a mix of cultural competencies, old and new techniques

– Form a new generation of artists-craftsmen able to produce work of excellence in the field of sacred art.

Program (40 credits)

Not Italian Students must have a general understanding of the Italian language because the course is taught in Italian and English. In the past years we had several English speaking persons who were able to attend and enjoy the course. Most of the following course descriptions are written in Italian.

Internship with an artisan “bottega” – 180 hours 11 credits

For more information on the program: Secretary Email

Start of lessons: October 19, 2016

End of the Course:July 7, 2017

Enrollment deadline and cost:

May 31, 2016; 5.000 euros (including material cost)

July 15, 2016; 5.200 euros (including material cost)

September 15, 2016; 5.400 euros (including material cost)

Scholarships up to  4.000,00 Euros are available for the best students.

Language:  Italian and English


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