Sacred Art School

Instructor: Cody Swanson

Corso in arte sacra- tecnica di scultura

74 ore

A basic introduction to the principles of sculpture:

All exercises are done from observation of the live model or plaster casts for the training of the eye to develop the ability to interpret form three dimensionally.

To begin students will make studies of the features of the David and antique casts to develop taste and understand how a great Master saw and translated form in sculpture. From there students will then learn how to construct a portrait bust in the round from the live model and a Sacred theme will be chosen by the instructor to discuss iconography.

The last weeks will be dedicated to the techniques necessary for hollowing and firing the portrait bust and students will also have the option of making a ‘waste mold’ for a plaster cast.

15 ore
Features of the David, antique busts

Portrait from live model

10 ore
Drapery studies for application to portrait bust

11 ore
Hollowing the clay for firing/optional waste mold


Students are expected to demonstrate accuracy through observation