Courses overview

The formative program of the school is articulated in a series of courses of different lengths and intensities to guarantee that the student finds their own personal path of art and craft.  The courses, in fact,  are shaped on the basis of progressive formation and of the needs of the students.  The course have a duration that is translated in CF– Formative Credits– equal to 25 hours of work for one formative credit (made up of class hours and hours of personal work).  Those who desire to will be able to therefore complete a first level degree or a second level degree.  To guarantee learning standards, we offer the highest level students personal formation in small groups (3-4 persons), or in classes– that in any case never exceed the number of 20 students.  The school desires to work with small, motivated groups of people.

The Sacred Art School Florence offers the opportunity for scholarships, to partial and full coverage of the cost of its courses, depending on the economic situation of each to facilitate access to all potential deserving students.

Another characteristic of the school, beyond the fundamental content– the sacred–, is connected to the call of local and international reality.  For this reason, the courses take place in both Italian and English.  This constitutes a challenge for foreigners and for Italians, but it is believed that the advantages derived from encountering a second language are much greater than the disadvantages.

The school is above all a “bottega”, where artists and artisans produce their work.  The Sacred Art School-Firenze always puts together the words art and artisan, because today artists who consider themselves artisans can rediscover an important relationship with the craft and the material, while artisans who consider themselves artists will more easily be able to aim for excellence, without limiting themselves to the excecution of copies.

For this reason we recommend that the program of formation, above all for young persons, begin from the course in Art and artistic Craft, modelling, sculpture, painting, metalsmithing, woodworking, working with fabric, a wide formation in art history, liturgy, sacred scripture, and christian symbology.  The formation comes also through internships, in workshops within th school as well as in Florentine art and craft workshops that collaborate with us.

At the end of the first year, the student that so desires will be able to enroll in second year of specialization (900 hours), going deeper in only two hands on materials and concentrating the theoretical formation of liturgy, theology, art history, and aesthetics, and completing a more ambitious project.  The course of specialization has a class of no more than 10 persons. At the end of the second year it is possible to enroll in the master courses (of one or two years).

Those who choose to complete only part of the program with recieve certificates for the work completed and if they desire would be able to riassume the program of formation at a later time.  The Sacred Art School- Firenze designs its courses following criteria di innovation, flexibility, progressivity, development of the practical approach “in Bottega”, internationality, and interdisciplinarity.


Call for Aplication Specialization Course 2014-15



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