Artistic Anatomy

Sacred Art School/ Firenze

 Course Title: Artistic Anatomy 

 Instructor: Anthony Visco /

Time: 10:00 -13:00

Monday to Friday

 Course Description:

This course is designed to assist the student in the both drawing the human figure from life observation and the development of form memory. This course is designed for artists who want to develop a greater three dimensional illusion with an anatomical realization.

Each week there will be a discussion and illustrated drawing demonstration focused on a particular section of the body, its proportion, its movements and its relationship to the whole. Models will be posed to further demonstrate and illustrate the lesson of the day.

In every class we are dedicating around 30 minutes to the theology of the body, according with the teaching of John Paul II (this part is entrusted to Giancarlo Polenghi).

First week:

  1. General Proportions of the Human Body Volumes
  2. Proportions: Male
  3. Proportions Female
  4. Landmarks: of the Body
  5. Terms of Location


Second Week

  1. Types of Bone
  2. The Thorax
  3. The Pelvis
  4. The Skull
  5. The Spinal Column / Vertebrae


Week Third

  1. The Shoulder Girdle
  2. The Upper Arm /Humerus
  3. The Lower Arm /Radius Ulna
  4. The Hand /Carpal/ Phalanges
  5. Range of Movements


Week Four

  1. The Upper Leg/Femur
  2. The Lower Leg /Tibia /Fibula
  3. The Patella
  4. The Foot / Phalanges
  5. Range of Movements


Week 5

  1. Types of Muscle
  2. Rectus Abdominus
  3. Spinae Erector /The Back
  4. External Oblique /Serratus Anterior
  5. Types of Drawing


Week 6

  1. Pectoralis Minor/Major
  2. Scapular Muscles
  3. Muscles of the Upper Arm
  4. Muscles of the Lower Arm
  5. Muscles of the Hand


Week 7

  1. Muscles of the Pelvic Girdle
  2. Muscles of the Upper Leg
  3. Muscles of the Lower Leg
  4. Muscles of the Foot
  5. Chiaroscuro


Course Materials:

White drawing tablet

Graphite pencils

Charcoal pencils

Kneaded eraser

Pencil sharpener

Sanding block

Note pad


Drawing the figure from memory assignments will be given weekly